UH Sugar Land Lot

*Ex: Parking

*Ex: Student Green Lot

Aerial view of parking lot. Half of parking lot available for EV charging service. 3D rendering image.

What Is It?

Computer Vision Parking is the next big thing in affordable parking accessibility. We deliver a product that provides your parking lot users the information they need to find parking with efficiency and ease.

What We Offer

Automatic traffic camera for parking in china


Our software will use feed of existing lot security cameras limiting expense for hardware equipment and installation.

Parking lot isometric 3D vector illustration of night city car parking with illumination technology. Isometric cars on outdoor parking with smart navigation light control and direction marking


Using our system will get people into a parking spot faster, saving their time and reducing traffic.

Flat 3d vector isometric illustration. Concept picture


We intentionally made our user interface simple and easy to understand. This help in save their time.


Map, Road Map, City Map, Vector

Lot Locations

Lot locations are a convenient way to navigate directly to the parking lot in mind without confusion.

32 retro cars are seen in a colorful isometric parking lot. Generic vehicles evoke colors and styling of cars and trucks commonly seen in the late 1970s in North America, while a few people can be seen walking across the pavement.

Parking Spaces

Parking spaces are displayed to show if each spot is either “Occupied” or “Open”. With this, users can drive to spot directly.


Fill Indicators

Fill indicators provide users a quick and easy way to judge the “emptiness” of a specific parking lot.