What We Do

Current developments in artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and cloud computing enable more efficient and effective analysis of big data. Such techniques could also be used successfully with drone and satellites to retrieve actionable information. Applications for such tasks include asset management, risk assessment, emergency response and environmental monitoring, as well as the design and construction of transportation, utilities, and telecom infrastructure.
With the right tools, high-resolution imagery delivers a wealth of valuable information; however, the best results require accurate and homogeneous data over the area of interest. Along with its enormous coverage, feature rich data and flexible use terms. PIXAM tools offers the perfect data set to train algorithms designed to automatically extract information critical to a multitude of applications.
The full range of opportunities and advantages for artificial intelligence and high-resolution aerial imagery are not all exploited. however, the benefits are not in question as helpful applications continue to be discovered. Drone orthophotos are ideal for machine learning and automated feature extraction, making efficient and effective analysis of big data a reality.