What We Do

PIXAM Drone GeoPix software is an integrated software solution which can support you in different phases of your work. GeoPix enables data-driven decision making through visualizations, statistical analysis, and predictive and improvement analytics. Through rime-series analysis. GeoPix can help your business and organizations notice patterns, solve problems, and uncover important data insights by providing a complete and best-in-class suite of data analysis and process improvement solutions. It also makes it easier to extract meaningful insights from data, thanks to its unsurpassed ease of use.

GeoPixel time series analysis

The GeoPix has inbuilt time-series analysis models tools which use advanced techniques but are designed to be easy to use. At the most basic level all that is required is some appreciation of the concepts of trend, seasonal and irregular. The hard work is done by the program, leaving the user free to concentrate on formulating models and using them to make forecasts.